A world where everyone turns dreams into reality.

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Earlier this year, the first day I used chatGPT, I was a bit confused.

I got a lot of things wrong, and experienced conversations going in directions I didn't want.


I thought to myself,

"As this technology evolves, I can get the information I want through 'just talking'. Whether it's coding, math, history..."

I also thought, "Everyone can be an entrepreneur."

Of course, being an entrepreneur is not a common dream for everyone.


I intuitively knew that if someone wanted to start a business, chatGPT would be a great tool.

Entrepreneurs always live with a question mark over their heads. You need to know if your judgment is right, or if you're making a 'judgment', and you need to find the evidence behind it. The best tool to reduce this time and increase productivity. I thought that was chatGPT.

Startofin was created to do just that: to help you start a business with a little less trial and error, a little less time, a little less money, and a little more success, which is the sole purpose and mission of Startofin.

I have several businesses, and I rely on Startofin (even though it's my own tool) a lot.

I'm often surprised to see risks I've missed or more diversified monetization strategies.

I'm able to decide on the "next step" faster and see the "end" of an idea in advance.

I hope you feel this way too.