What is AI Proto?



Adding design to your ideas
Turn your written ideas into UI/UX designs in a flash.With this feature, you get instant visuals. You can easily, and at a glance, see functional flaws you hadn't thought of, design flows you need to add. And the price? It's very reasonable, see more below.

Why should use AI Proto?



Ever had that experience?
When you want to explain your idea to someone, written and spoken words just don't cut it. It's much easier for them to understand if you have visuals. That's why AI Proto is the best tool to turn your ideas into UI/UX designs at a low cost and in a very short period of time. It cansave a designera lot of work, and it makes iteasier to talk to plannersandsee what you missed and what you need to add.
UI/UX Designer, Lucas D.
" The more I use it, the more it amazes me "
R&D, たいち
" It's a great prototyping tool for solo developers. It took the fear out of design and allowed me to move quickly into development. "
Development, Seo
" The age of the solopreneur is upon us! "
Student, Mia A.